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"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.." Madre Teresa

Who we are

Solidaction is a team of passionate volunteers who organise community events to support charities and social causes.

The group started in January 2017 with 20 friends with a passion for volunteering and ready to take positive action in their communities and beyond with the skills and abilities they offer.  

Solidation's  vision is to create a ripple effect of kindness and generosity wherever we may be.  

We aim to accomplish our vision by fulfilling our twofold mission: 

1- To provide financial support and raise profile awareness of charities, social actions, projects, or campaigns that supports the communities they belong to.

2- To encourage and inspire individuals and groups with the same desire to positively impact local communities. 

Today we are more than 50 volunteers and have supported charities and local organisations in Brazil, Haiti, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria and the UK.

Who we are

Solidaction UK

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What we do

How we work to accomplish our mission  

Choose the cause 

The group decides through a vote which charity or cause they are going to support for the year ahead.


We currently organise two events per year. 

Event planning 

The group then starts to announce the next event and starts meeting regularly.


In those meetings, the group organise the taskforces such as donations collection, volunteers for the day, cooking team etc.  


We then start promoting the event through social media and via their friends and volunteers.


We work to create engagement to various audiences to fundraise and also to create awareness of the cause we are supporting. 

Audit and evaluation

After the event - usually a dancing dinner.


The group run an evaluation of the event via a meeting to find out what worked well and what we need to improve.


And we start planning the next event straight after!

Events so far

Organised events so far

What people say

What people say


Solidaction Group.jpg


It's amazing to be part of the group and have the opportunity to help and make new friends



Solidaction's events are always very well organised with much care and love!

Happy Kids Huddle_edited.jpg


I love the culture, and It's great to do something for those in need, and I love feijoada!

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